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Immersive tech market is expected to reach $936.57 billion by 2030.

“Very immersive and interactive experience and more motion friendly compared to VR”

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FanPort is a unique spatial experience system

FanPort is a unique spatial experience system where worlds meet and reality is mixed up. This unique platform fuses the deep immersion of mixed reality with the accessibility and social connection of an open immersive space.

where worlds meet and reality is mixed up.

From entertainment to enterprise, this groundbreaking mixed reality platform propels audiences into the heart of your stories.

Dive into FanPort and see a compelling virtual environment rendered on the screen.
Wear the mixed reality glasses to see content spill out from the screen into the real world.
Interact with each other surrounded by spatial audio, realtime lighting and more.


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FanPort is a Draw & Code product. During more than a decade of working in immersive, the prolific mixed reality maestros have delivered over 170 projects for innovation-hungry brands such as Google, Sony Music and Mercedes-Benz.

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